Start shipping with Teleport today

Start shipping domestic or international (between SG and MY) using our discounted rates or connect your own
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On-demand (4 hours)

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Standard Next Day

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MY to SG (24 hours)


Local On-Demand

With Teleport’s on-demand delivery, you can ship to domestic destinations within 40km, in under 4 hours.

Standard Next Day

Ship to Kallang Valley next day and the rest of MY in 72 hours with our exclusive rates starting from RM6.7(ex. GST)

Ship to SG

Teleport can deliver to packages to Singapore as fast as 24 hours.
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Shippit Brings You Discounted Rates

One account gives you access to multiple carriers with discounted shipping rates so you can get the best of every service.

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Pack and Ship Really Fast

For every single order, we’ll automatically allocate the best packaging type – even if you use custom parcel sizes. Our one-click printing, picklists and pack slips help your teams fulfil orders fast.

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Notify Your Customers

Smart tracking notifications keep customers informed. Our smart email and SMS notifications give your customers just the right amount of information when it actually matters.


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Make Smarter Delivery Decisions

Get instant visibility on how Janio is reporting and see how much you’re spending in real-time.

Seamlessly integrate with multiple carriers