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A bit about Happy Town Pets

When Gordon Nugent set up Happy Town Pets during the pandemic in March 2021, he had no doubt which carrier he wanted to use to support the timely shipping of orders to his online customers.

Gordon had been a long-time client of Shippit in his previous role at Harvey Norman in Australia, had seen how well the service had worked and knew that Happy Town Pets had to launch with the right solutions from the get-go. For Gordon, Shippit was the obvious choice.

“Launching a new business, we knew we had little margin for error, so it made sense to go with what I already knew worked,” said Gordon. “I had no doubt that Shippit would give us a scalable, efficient solution from the start and, with the worry of delivery issues off our plate, the team could focus on launching right and building to scale.”


Easy set-up and use

Gordon’s expectations were met. The Shippit app proved incredibly easy to install and use straight away. Gordon also knew that it had to be easy for all staff to use, even those that are non-tech savvy, to avoid time wasted training new staff and to minimise errors in orders. As a result of Shippit’s user-friendly, intuitive interface, staff find booking deliveries quick and simple – just a few clicks and it’s done, reducing pick and pack time by 20%.

“The added benefit we really love is having couriers listed on one page,” Gordon explains of this great time-saving feature. “So, we don’t have to visit multiple websites and log in separately on each one to book. This has also led to a 20% cost reduction, and sometimes more as we build favourable vendor relationships.”

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All orders are in one dashboard so it’s very easy to use, access and dispatch orders, reducing pick and pack time by 20%.
Gordon Nugent, CEO, Happy Town Pets

Delighting customers by making good on delivery promises

Using the Shippit platform helped Happy Town Pets fast track their deliveries while choosing from a host of courier services.
“We aim to ship the same day as orders are received and meet next-day delivery, where possible,” says Gordon. “Looking at the stats on Shippit, we have exceeded our target of 90% next-day delivery and it has really surprised and delighted our customers”.


Tracking keeps complaints at zero

Another feature popular with Happy Town Pet’s customers is the best-in-class branded tracking function, which helps manage customer expectations around delivery since they can track their orders in real time. This has translated into zero customer calls to chase late delivery. “We don’t get any calls now complaining about late deliveries or lost parcels!”, says Gordon.

The Shippit team has been very helpful, supportive and very open to listening to our feedback, so we are definitely pretty satisfied.
Gordon Nugent, CEO, Happy Town Pets

A carrier with shared eco values

Happy Town Pets is an eco-friendly online pet store committed to supplying pet products that are not only healthy for pooches but also kind to the planet. Shippit promises carbon neutral deliveries by offsetting the carbon footprint made by its deliveries on shippit rates, so it fits the bill as a sustainable delivery partner perfectly for them. “Shippit was a conscious choice for us as it resonated with our eco-friendly ethos and our customers love the carbon neutral deliveries and tracking too,” adds Gordon.

Nearly one year on, Happy Town Pets is loving the seamless delivery of its orders and its ability to control the last mile with confidence while saving time and costs. The company aims to expand into Korea, Japan and Australia in the future.


Benefits of using Shippit:

Last Mile Delivery Control: Zero calls to track parcels with 90% of orders delivered next day supported by best-in-class order tracking.

Carbon Neutral Deliveries: A value aligned with the company and its customers’ eco-friendly values.

Easy and Intuitive to Use: Reduces order errors and training time

The biggest thing to remember is that even if you start small, always aim to set up to expand big by having the right solutions, tools and processes in place so that when you scale, it’s easy for you to expand while meeting customer expectations fully. Shippit is one tool that has helped us scale.
Gordon Nugent, CEO, Happy Town Pets
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