A.BCH are part of a new wave of fashion retailers that offer a premium product that flouts tradition.

All their clothes are made in Melbourne from organic, recycled and natural materials, so it’s understandable that their customers shop from all over Australia to purchase these fashion-forward and ethically sourced garments.

From the unique product IDs to their minimalist aesthetic, every detail of the customer journey has been carefully crafted. Even the packaging they use to ship orders is 100% plastic free.

As many scaling, premium brands experience, high-quality customer service and delivery support becomes more challenging to offer.

A.BCH’s customers care about the fine details of their clothing, so it was critical for the growing fashion label to deliver an impeccable shipping experience.

This case study covers how A.BCH were able to keep their customers happy and maintain brand integrity with fast and reliable delivery support and flexible order fulfilment.

A.BCH Shippit Case Study
A.BCH Shippit Case Study
A.BCH Shippit Case Study

The dreaded “Where’s my package” email

Every retailer understands the stress that ensues after receiving email after email of customer complaints about not receiving their items.

For Courtney Holm, Founder of A.BCH, the stress of contacting couriers directly about late deliveries was too much to deal with on top of running a flourishing business.

“I’m sending orders out to people and I want to be able to tell them when things are leaving, and if I don’t have that information on hand, then how can I tell my customers?”

Letting customers know when their deliveries will arrive is one of the most critical aspects of eCommerce fulfilment. It’s so important, in fact, that 71% of consumers have expressed physical and emotional distress concerning delivery appointments.

But parcel deliveries can be just as stressful for business owners as it is for the customer. With Courtney stating that the last thing she wants to deal with in busy times is late pickups:

“If a courier doesn’t arrive, because that does happen, it always happens at the worst possible moment, and it’s always the worst luck when you want something to go out.”

A.BCH Shippit Case Study
A.BCH Shippit Case Study
A.BCH Shippit Case Study

How A.BCH handled late deliveries and pickups before Shippit

According to Courtney, dealing with late deliveries and courier pickups was a major pain point for her.

“When a courier doesn’t arrive it’s something you have to address really quickly, but the only way I could report that was by sending an email to notify my customer.

Then I had to wait 1 – 2 business days to get a reply from the courier to give my customers updates. That drives me insane as an eCommerce business and manufacturer.”

A.BCH needed a bit more support in this area to relieve the amount of time they were spending chasing up deliveries.

So they started to look for a solution they could use alongside Sendle, and their main requirement was understandably great customer support enablement.

“The reason I started using Shippit is that they had customer service down pat. I don’t need to contact the courier directly myself. One thing I really like is that I have chat support, Shippit replies immediately.”


According to A.BCH Founder Courtney, before they started using Shippit they were using Sendle to fulfil their Shopify orders, and still do on occasion.

“Shopify was my first storefront that we made for the brand, but in terms of shipping I was using Sendle, mostly because they’re a Certified B Corporation and they offset carbon emissions.”

However, they needed a solution that could offer them more customer service and fulfilment flexibility. Read more below:


Improved customer service and faster delivery investigations

One of the biggest benefits A.BCH has experienced by using Shippit is better customer service and faster delivery investigations.

A.BCH uses the Shippit platform to book over 95% of their orders now because all orders booked with Shippit come with automatic tracking and customer support.

Shippit also has delay prevention, so late courier pickups and deliveries are automatically detected within the system, and A.BCH and their customers are notified immediately.

“I’m paying a fee but it’s worth it for the support and the pricing points were slightly cheaper,” Courtney states.


Flexible order fulfilment

Shippit integrates seamlessly with Shopify, so for A.BCH adding a new shipping extension was a no-brainer. But there was another feature Courtney was looking for: the ability to prepare orders and print their labels without booking them straight away.

“We needed a system that I could edit,” Courtney states.

“With Shippit, when you first book an order you don’t have to print your label or book your orders, straight away. That’s really handy for me when I’m doing big orders I can batch them and book them when they’re all packed.”

Overall, Courtney found the shipping platform to give her the customer service both her and her customers needed.

“I find Shippit user-friendly and it gives me peace of mind.”


A.BCH Shippit Case Study
A.BCH Shippit Case Study

What A.BCH likes about Shippit

  • Customer service support for late courier pickups
  • Delivery investigations for late parcel deliveries
  • Automated customer delivery notifications
  • Flexible order fulfilment and easy to use interface