Many businesses do part or even all of their shipping and fulfilment process manually. This is not only time consuming and prone to human error, it can also have a significant negative impact on your customer experience. Bulk book orders, bulk print shipping labels and automate tracking alerts to make fulfilment fast and efficient.

Your time is precious—use it wisely

Before using Shippit, the team at beauty brand Petite Cosmetics was spending hours copying and pasting addresses. What had taken them six hours now takes only 20 minutes, which is great news for a rapidly scaling business.

When orders come into Shippit from the Petite Cosmetics eCommerce store, the delivery addresses are automatically populated and their team can print all their labels from the same printer, regardless of which courier they use.

“Shippit’s essential – I wouldn’t know how to manage without it – it saves so much time. You need it to free up time in order to focus your energy into more value-added parts of your business.”

Read more about how Petite Cosmetics saved time and money with Shippit.

Leave no room for human error

Worse than being a simple time sink, manual fulfilment processes can lead to mistakes, which can be frustrating and costly. Even copying and pasting an address can lead to formatting errors and missed sections if not carefully checked and monitored.

It is simple to integrate Shippit with your eCommerce platform or Warehouse Management Software. Once orders have been packed, print all labels together, regardless of courier, and click book now. You’re done!

bulk book orders using Shippit


To make it even easier for retailers that don’t have time to connect their cart, Shippit allows you to bulk upload orders with a CSV file. Learn more about our csv upload feature here

Use the best courier for every job

Different courier companies have their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Some are better suited to fast deliveries to metro areas, while others excel with larger freight items or regional locations. Prices can also vary wildly for the same service.

Despite this, no one has the time to check the rates of each courier for every order, you sacrifice the best price for speed and efficiency. Shippit will automatically choose the courier with the lowest rate so the work is done for you. You can bulk book all your completed orders, even if they’re going with different couriers.

bulk book orders with the best courier with Shippit

Make the data work for you

Once packing and shipping errors have been eliminated, turn your attention to the insights you can gain from an automated fulfilment process.

Combine shipping and warehouse data to inform the way you organise your warehouse. Keep the most popular products closest to the packing station and items frequently ordered together grouped. Check out our blog on inventory management metrics to unleash growth for even more shipping hacks.

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