According to Forbes, you’re 60-70% more likely to sell to an existing customer than you are to a new prospect. Online retail is becoming more competitive, and hungrier online stores are beginning to pop-up overnight. This means retailers are having to work harder to build loyalty, and a great way to do this is through packaging inserts. These low-cost, high-impact gestures are usually unexpected by the customer and can do wonders for driving loyalty.

As the adage goes, it’s the small things that matter, and when it comes to packaging inserts, the same applies.


So what exactly is a packing insert?

If you’ve recently ordered something online and noticed a little envelope in the box, chances are, you opened it out of curiosity. To your surprise, you probably found a handwritten note and a couple of offers. When used correctly, packaging inserts can be a massive loyalty driver. In a fast-paced digital world where messages often get lost in translation, simple gestures often have a considerable impact.

Here’s a couple of reasons we love packaging inserts:

  • Low cost: a handwritten note or custom-printed card doesn’t need to cost the earth to be impactful.
  • High impact: because you’re already delivering to an existing customer, you can tailor the insert to suit them.
  • Cross-sell: because you know what your customer has ordered, this is the time to incentivise and cross-sell.
  • Low risk: bear in mind, the cost of shipping has already been paid.
  • Move stock: if you’ve got hard-to-move stock, adding this into the package as a gift with purchase will be a win with your customers.


Insert Offer Here

When it comes to engagement rates, there’s no better opportunity to take advantage of your captive audience than through a packaging insert. If you’ve ordered something online, you’re guaranteed to open the box. This is what makes inserts valuable – but, they have to be used correctly.

The right inserts increase loyalty, and it’s no surprise that customers are more likely to return to a brand that makes them feel special.

The opportunities to build excellent customer experience are endless. And, because you’re already shipping an item, adding something to the box won’t cost anything extra. From handwritten notes to coupons and free samples, all it takes it a little thought to make a significant impact.

Here are some types of customer inserts to consider adding to your next shipment:


Free Samples

Depending on what you sell, including free samples in your package is a great way to introduce your customers to new products, cross-sell and add value. This may not work as well for fashion retailers as it would cosmetics. However, there’s plenty of incentives available for all retailers. You could also take this opportunity to clear old stock and include a gift with purchase.

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Discount Offers

Probably the simplest and most effective packaging insert is the discount offer. Most retailers choose to send discounts via email campaigns. However, opting for an insert means your customers will receive it, and it’s a much more personalised and tangible experience. If you’re printing custom discount offers, always opt for a branded and professional printing service – don’t blow your chances on cheap, crappy cards.

Discounts could include:

  • Free shipping
  • Credit towards your next order
  • Percentage discount off your next order
  • Gift with purchase


Handwritten Notes

In a digital world, it’s refreshing to receive a handwritten note. It’s also the simplest and most effective way to show your gratitude. If you do go down this road, make sure you use quality stationery and always reference the customer by name. Try to make your note as personal and genuine as possible and include your contact details in case they have any feedback.

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Why We Love Packaging Inserts

With the Holiday Season fast approaching, going the extra mile and implement packaging inserts into your customer experience will help you make the most of your captive audience. But, like most marketing strategies, the first one you try might not be the most effective. So, experiment with your messaging and incentives to see what works best for you and your business.


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