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With the rising prevalence of multi-channel retailing, a clear view of inventory across all channels is one of the most effective ways of making sure customers can access what they want and when they want.

Modern retailers serve customers across a multitude of sales channels, from Amazon, their online site, to pop-up stores at the local market. 72% of customers are also willing to pick up their items in-store if it will avoid shipping costs. This means retailers across Australia will need to find new ways of connecting their sales channels and inventory systems so that customers have access to the whole pool of their inventory.

The problem:

Customers want the flexibility to purchase online or in-store when it suits their needs. However, disparate inventory systems for each channel will show inaccurate stock levels to customers. For example, a customer looking to buy a dress online might not be able to purchase the size or colour they want online, even though there is more than enough stock available in-store.

The solution:

Giving your customers inventory access across all your sales channels will not only improve their shopping experience, but it will increase your sales and improve stock turnover. This is referred to as an endless aisle: The concept of using in-store kiosks to allow customers to order products that are out of stock or not sold in-store and have them shipped to their homes.

In this webinar, Rob Hango-Zada, Joint CEO and Co-Founder of Shippit, and Mark Teperson, Chief Digital Officer at The Accent Group, discuss the benefits of ship-from-store, the solution to creating an endless aisle, how retailers can initiate the strategy and how it will increase sales and revenue.



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